From The People Who Know Me Best

I could probably come up with a lot of nice things to say about myself, but I figured I'd see where honesty got me. Ya gotta love family, right?

"We knew from the start that Morgan had a vivid imagination. As soon as she started talking, she would invent and tell hilarious, over-the-top stories about anyone and everyone around her. None of them were true, but they were always entertaining."
- Bob, my dad
"When Morgan was a baby, my Mom tried to teach her how to scream. About a year later, Morgan hit my Mom on the head with a plastic coffee pot. Guess who was screaming then! The little girl who was once an unpredictable toddler is now a  creative, witty, very smart woman. I could go on with the adjectives, but I'm afraid her OCD will only let me use three." - Leslie, my mom
"Get your camera out of my face."
- Mijo, my 6 year old corgi

But really. I graduated from Texas Tech University with a B. A. in Advertising. I have 5+ years experience in content strategy and creation as well as a Google AdWords Certification. I am passionate about pop culture, cleanliness and being healthy 80% of the time. In my mind, I am a combination of equal parts Tina Fey, Beyonce, and Chrissy Teigen. And while I am probably a textbook Millennial, I promise to never caption an Instagram of my friends and me as, "squad goals."